Monday, September 24, 2007

Falafel in Paris

We are going a little international right now. This past summer, I spent about a month in Paris and got to enjoy all the food it has to offer. Now when you think of Parisian cuisine, it's hard not to jump to frogs legs and snails. However, I found that there were a lot of really tasty vegetarian options scattered throughout the city. One of the most prevalent types of vegetarian cuisine was falafels.

The best part about falafels is that you can get them on Sundays, which is usually when all restaurants and shops are closed, but luckily, le Marais(the Jewish district) stays open. From blocks away, you can see the lines of hunger-driven tourists and locals all waiting for a bite of that delicious sandwich. Now I know that most reviews you read online about falafels in Paris point you towards King Falafel’s neighbor: L’As du Falafel. But as a diner at both restaurants, I honestly preferred the less-renowned King Falafel. At King Falafel, I found the flavor of the falafel balls themselves to be quite superior to that of L’As du Falafel. They also have the option to add an extra spicy sauce that is out of this world. Add on a Coke and you’re only at 6 euros for the whole meal. I must mention, the lemonade at L’As du Falafel is superb. However, you should try both just to see which you prefer, but in LiveVeg’s opinion, King Falafel reigns supreme!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Why vote for Hamas

Saturday, September 01, 2007

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