Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nominations for Best Houmous and Schwarma

Best Humous, Israel

Lina's, the Old City, Jerusalem "The best humous in the universe. Very subtle and creamy. 5 balls"
- David Pileggi

Lebanese Restaurant, Abu Ghosh "Unique, smooth, almost egg-like taste, 5 Balls"
- Herschel Julius

Abu Hassan, Jaffa "Worth waiting the long queue and sharing a table with people you don't know. Go early - the 'ful' runs out by 2 P.M."
- David Cohen

Abu Shukri, the Old City, Jerusalem "This place is in the Muslim quarter of the Old City - my Arab friends recommend it."
- Lisa Richlen

Tanami, Ahuza Street, Ra'anana "Hard to believe that you get the ultimate humous in Ra'anana of all places, but it is so. This family-run 2x2 establishment produces better humous than can be found in even the best Jerusalem holes-in-the-wall."

"It's fresh, warm from the pot, and tastes like heaven. It can be served in good traditional 'complet' fashion at the four small tables, or take out. This humous deserves more than five felafels, but lets just say five anyway."
- Margo Sugarman

Majdal Shams, Hermon "Ask anyone who has done miluim on the Hermon, its the creamiest, smoothest, and the taste stays with you long after you leave. It's easily the best I've ever tasted in Israel, in Australia, or in America ! Five (5) balls & harif !!"
- Mark Axel

Pinati's, Jerusalem and Ashkara tel aviv "No best of hummus list is complete without them!"

Best Humous, Abroad

Rami's, Brookline, Mass. "Tastes just like in Israel!! And Rami's a nice guy too. 5 falafel balls"
- Miriam Farber

Humous Place, MacDougal Street, NYC "A bright and friendly place that serves perfectly prepared and garnished humous (in three varieties) with great salads and home-made thick pitas. Five balls; simply the best I've had. After all, it's pretty much the only thing they make."
- Eric R. Obenzinger, NYC

Na-na, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia "All the Israelis go here - It's the closest thing to good hummous outside of Israel, smooth and delicate in taste. You can get takeaway tubs or eat in"
- Anital Fu

Humus Bar, Ahuza St. Ra'anana "Another shockingly good bit of old world food from urban chic Ra'anana. Humus Bar is a whole on the wall with perhaps the best humus in the country - try it with 'ful' and a 'beytza' for maximum effectiveness..."
- Ari B. Goldberg

Best shawarma, Abroad
Samis, Hendon, London - "Its all about the matbucha. But the meat is just the right texture and taste. Beats sollys every time! Nothing beats sitting outside the restaurant filling your face with delicious meat...except doing the same thing in Israel! Yalla betar."
-Jeremy Last

Pick-a-Pita, New York, New York
"The shawarma in this whole-in-a-wall restaurant rivals all the shawarma I have ever eaten in Israel. Combined with their excellent humous and charif, this place is no doubt the best choice outside the holy land." -Yitz Landes

Max's Deli, Wheaton, Maryland
"The best shawarma ever!." -Jessica Balsam

Best shawarma, Israel

Pamonim, Ramat Hasharon - "Makes the best Pargit Shawarma! I ate a lot of it in my time and this place wins hands down. I make the trip once a week (if not for the calories, I'd be there everyday) to have myself, not one serving, but TWO great portions! And I don't chew...I inhale Touche!?"
- Alter

Pamonim, Ramat Hasharon - "The BEST Chicken Shwarma ! I'm addicted."
- Diana

Shawarma Hazan, Haifa - "Haifa's Shawarma Hazan may or may not have the best Shawarma in Israel, but it is, without a doubt, the most Shawarmaiest Shawarma around. What I mean by that is that their Shawarma is the orignial,no-nonsense version, from which all the watered down, anti-pasta influenced versions you might stumble across stem from. Their pitas are hot and soft and filled with lamb shawarma, cabbage, parsley,
onion, tehina and a generous dollop of yellow Amba sauce ontop. This
Shwarama is defenitely hardcore and if you're not a die-hard shwarma
fan or if you haven't got yellow amba sauce burning in your veins, i
suggest you go eat somewhere else and spare your stomach the misery of
the day after."
- Gil Shefler


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